Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feels like summer...

Tuesday night we went to the Razorback baseball game in Little Rock.  A big THANK YOU to Kevin's uncle for the tickets.  It had sold out in something like 5 minutes, so we didn't think we would get to go this year.  It was just as crowded this year as last year, so we tried to get there early and only managed to get stuck in big traffic!!  We took some friends and the guys got to watch the game while us girls played "catch up".  The weather was beautiful, the people watching was entertaining, and of course, the concessions food at a ballgame was a hit.  So, it was a good night! 
Then, today I used my last personal day at work and was able to go with Kevin to the Ben E. Keith food show in Hot Springs.  This was the first time he had gotten an invite and we were more than happy to go.  It was overwhelming at first with all the vendors everywhere.  But, we got the hang of free food samples pretty quick!!  And, as a buyer, Kevin was able to get some deals on some things he orders regularly AND some free samples to be sent to us!! Oh yeah!!!
We got to sit in on one seminar while we were there.  And, they had a door prize of an Ipad 3, but we didn't win. :(  But, it was still an awesome day, and I think I will reserve a personal day every year for this! haha! 
In other "business" news, we are really looking into going the next step and opening a place.  Pray for us to know exactly what to do.  We are looking into an option that I feel is a "safe" risk and a good next step towards Kevin dream happening.

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