Sunday, May 20, 2012


This weekend was work, work, work!!  Concessions all day Saturday, a catering today, & school work to finish up.  We did get a little relax time tonight though.  And, last night I was able to finish my latest book!!!  Finally!  It was a good one! (see below post if you are a reader)  Our excitement Saturday was when I went to play ball in the backyard with Stella and was feet away from this big ole snake before I even saw it!!!  One of these days I will stop walking around in my backyard in flip flops!!  This is the 4th snake I've seen this year in our backyard.  At least two of them were little though!!!  I hope the new lawn mower I hired doesn't see this or I may be back to begging Kevin to pleeeaasse mow! haha
 Some of the first blooms of my daylillies are coming out!!  LOVE this time of year! :)

After working for hours on Kevin's business books today, he rewarded me with steak tacos and fresh corn on the cob.  It was delicious!!!

 Stella never loses sight of  a possible bite of food!!  Faithful and patient and right under the heels!ha

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