Sunday, June 24, 2012

Boxers in the Rock

This boxer got her toes done and everything for the big event!!
Saturday was Boxers in the Rock, BoxAR Rescues biggest fundraiser of the year.  Usually we donate BBQ and I work the whole day, but this year, they found a corndog guy, and I got to go and have fun with the pups!  I loved it!!  The silent auction and the contest kept Big Bear happy.  :)
Above is my friend's dog, Boone, making a new friend in a 6 month old mastiff mix pup!!  That dog is going to be BIG!  It was HOT!!!  So they had misting tents set up and swimming pools for the doggies.  After seeing this picture, I think Mommy and Daddy aren't the only ones that need to lose a little weight around here!!! :)
 Contest Time!! First contest of the day.  Dare we enter a lab in a contest at a boxer party?  Oh, we dared!

Music played and when the music stopped, you had to make your dog sit without touching them.  Voice command only.  The last dog to sit is out.  See the white dog?  It's deaf and had excellent hand signal obedience, I totally had him pegged to win.

 But, the white boxer came in 3rd, the brindle boxer 2nd, (I think Rex was 4th or 5th) and guess who won?  Stella!!!  Bring a lab to a boxer party, and she shows them all how to sit!!  She won quite the basket of goodies and Kevin may have sang "We are the champions" all afternoon!!!
Checking out her winnings! :)

 The kids made a new friend in Boone.  We think we'll have him over for a play date soon! :)

 This cutie right here is up for adoption.  And, Big Bear and Rex fell in love.  We almost brought him home!!  He was so cute and playful!!
 And how funny is it that Stella won a "I love my Boxer" magnet? haha!
 Stella's haul!!  They are loving the new toys!!  One is a floatable toy for when we go to the lake.  The tennis ball squeaks so Rex is obsessed with it and driving us crazy! ha!!
Tuesday I get to pick up all my winnings from the silent auction!  Can't wait to see what we scored there!

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