Monday, June 4, 2012

Just a few more...

More blooms as promised!!  This is my favorite time in the backyard!!  The cannas along the back fence are now blooming.  I have yellow and orange.  If anyone has some of another color they want dug up, I'll happily come dig and take them off your hands!! :)  See that hole in the middle of the ones above...unfortunately, that is where Stella's tennis ball lands a lot.  I'm pretty sure they will be fully trampled down soon unless my aim gets better! ha!

 Nala loves to come outside with us and take naps.  I love that she doesn't go outside unless we are with her.

 These are my favorite daylillies & I have some that need a new home.  If you want, come dig! :)
Glad for the rain today to help keep my plants pretty even longer!!

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la bellina mammina said...

Love th photos, they're gorgeous and so colorful...!