Sunday, June 10, 2012


Friday, we went out to dinner and played a round of putt putt golf.  Kevin has a golf tournament coming up and needed to practice his putting.  Imagine his face when on the first hole I made a hole-in-one!!  And, then on a tough hole, he gave me a pointer and I tried to follow it and made another hole-in-one!  I messed up on a couple though and lost by 6 points, but that's pretty good for a non-golfer! :)
Saturday, we did a lot of relaxing (i.e. reading for me) and then we took the dogs to the dog park.  Now that was interesting!!  We weren't sure what they would do.  There were about 20 dogs there and Stella isn't always Miss Sociable. She did great!!  Rex is usually a bolter and will take off at the drop of a hat, but he didn't run one time!! Now, he certainly proved he MUST be hard of hearing.  I mean, I'm sure he wasn't IGNORING me when I would call him back! haha!  It was fun and we'll go back more often.  
Today, we had a family day at my Bubby's for his 35th birthday.  So, it was a weekend full of activity but no drama, fun, relaxing and family filled.
Oh, and we started off the weekend by paying off a bank loan.  And, I'm about to pay off another credit card!!!  Yippee!!  Slowly but surely, we will get out of debt and everytime something disappears, it gets me one step closer to my big camper!!!! :)

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