Saturday, July 28, 2012

And the winner is...

We started out with our top 4 and pulled them out to not be distracted by the others.  My niece helped us with the personality tests I found on the internet that proved to be worthless!! ha!  She pretty much held on to her first pick all night ensuring he wouldn't be chosen.  She has a plot of her own for the white one with the brown spot on his bum below. :)

Puppy 1 - white with brown spot on bum
Puppy 2 - Pup formally known as Rue :)
Puppy 3 - brindle boy
Puppy 4 - white girl with brown eye
So...I had the hardest time with this white girl (look at that face begging me!!) and the brindle boy. So, we then had it narrowed down to 2.
 Oh my!!  Both adorable.  What to do?!?  White one is a girl.  Brindle is a boy.  White one has cute personality and is the runt so may stay a little smaller.  Brindle one has a face that I adore and seems to be very laid back and lazy.  He has massive feet and is going to be big!!  Which one?  Back and forth.  Back and forth.
Bubba Bear Benson :)

In the end, I couldn't resist his face and from the beginning it was Big Bear's #1 choice.  He's gonna be a big boy!!  I just hope he stays as laid back as he is now because if so, he is the perfect brother for our Rex.  2 more weeks and he gets to come home.  Next week, he gets to meet Rex and Stella.  :)
 We love you already Bubba Bear!

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Vader's Mom said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE - of course I'd fight your niece for that white one with the brown spot, if I lived closer!!!