Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Camping Trip!!

The excitement of just getting to camp and finding new sticks to play with. :)
We left Sunday and headed to the lake with the pups until today.  I love going when the weekend is over because we practically have the place to ourselves.  It's awesome!!  We got a sweet campsite right on the water and could walk down and swim with the pups whenever we felt like it.
Stella LOVES going camping and swimming!!  She absolutely hates the water hose, but take her to the lake and she will fetch and swim all day.  This trip she got to fetch her new toy she won in the BoxAR competition. :)  The only thing that bets a tennis ball is fetching anything in the water! ha!  I do love to watch her swim though.
 This is her "I'm ready!  Just throw it!!!!" stance. :)
Occasionally, Rex will join in on the game at the end (of course).  We figured out this trip he has gotten so fat that his life jacket doesn't fit anymore.  Luckily, he never tries to venture in over his head.  He waits on the shore until Stella gets back and then tries to take it from her.
What to do when you have no can opener...pocket knife!  Thanks chef Benson!!  And, yes, we ate straight out of the can.  It's camping! :)
Dinner on the last night. 
Our view the from the picnic table in our campsite
  The geese got no reaction from the dogs.  I thought Stella might come alive and try to "retrieve". ha!
And this is when we knew it was time to come on home.  When Rex would rather go to sleep on a HOT rock than be in the water, it's time to pack up.  Poor guy!  He doesn't have as much fun as the rest of us, but he doesn't want to stay at the campsite either.  Sure wish he knew how to swim!!  We took him out over his head a few times and turned him toward shore, after a bit, he started to paddle and made it back.  That's progress. The pups have literally slept all the way home and been asleep since we got home.  They were WORN out!
Last few fetches!!  We gotta head home until next time.

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