Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 1 & 2

The "before" pictures...I should have taken them with the neon yellow cabinet covers on the back that Big Bear is painting for me!!  This room was a pre-k room and the 4th grade rooms were outside in a trailer, so while it is A LOT of work to clean it up and get it ready, I am not going to complain because I'd rather do it than be in a trailer.  I taught summer school in the trailers this summer and that was enough for me! :)  Luckily, movers brought the desks in and most of the student and teacher stuff from the 4th grade trailer, so I am just steadily moving in my stuff.  I think tomorrow is the last load!! Woohoo!!!
And, in 14 years of teaching, I've never had a bathroom IN the classroom.  Not sure how I feel about it, but that is what that blue door is in the back.
Note the two-tone paint above the smartboard.  Big Bear is about to paint that too!!  You see the neon yellow as he's covering it in this picture!!  YUCK!  Thanks Big Bear!!  I forgot to take a picture of the coat rack.  It was red, and he covered it with blue too.  Lots of colors happening...cRaZy!!
Yes, a water fountain too!!  Again, we'll see how it goes.  I mean, I guess we won't have a reason to leave the room! ha!  Not sure about the divided floor yet either and how to work it, but the room feels huge!!
After day 1: (blue above the smartboard)
 Day 1 consisted mainly of CLEANING (lots of bleaching) and painting:
 End of Day 1:  Big Bear touched up the cabinet and painted the wall around the door blue.  It was white and NASTY.  Then, if you look to the left of the cabinet, the coat rack was red, and he painted it blue.
Day 2 (Monday), I was on my own.  I brought a load of stuff from home and then began the war of the contact paper and the cabinet shelves.  Oh FUN! (not!!!)
Don't you love the rockin' counter top color?!? haha!  I've put in a work order for new ones.  We'll see how long it takes...but day 2:  lots of stuff found a "home" after the contact paper went down and the bottom cabinet covers went back on.  (Yes, there is one missing.  Somehow I will cover it until the work order for real cabinet doors gets completed.)
End of day 2: contact paper down and finding homes for stuff. :)
Today (day 3), I forgot to take a picture. I'll take one in the morning.  I got my computers set up and my class library situated.  Took one more load in the Tahoe and found a "home" for more stuff.  Set up my file cabinet and covered one bulletin board.  So far, life in room 103 is coming right along....good thing I like to clean and organize. :)  (I'm working hard now so when Bubba Bear comes home, I can chill at home for a few days before school starts!!!)

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