Monday, July 30, 2012

Next Chapter...

You can pretty much file this summer (along with the entire year of 2011) away as craptastic!!  I'll keep it as simple as I can, you know the Benson's are nothing without drama or issues.  I mean, problems just FOLLOW us!!  Basically, this summer during summer school, I had my worst summer school experience.  Shortly after it started, my principal unexpectedly was moved to another school (the one I where I was teaching summer school).  Everyone rallied to try and keep her at our school.  We didn't win. :(  Made the news and everything!! ha!  So....enter a summer full of stress and up's and down's and what if's.  Pretty much each day was spent wondering IF I could follow my principal, IF there would be an opening, IF it would get approved, what to do IF it didn't, talking to other options and even considering just taking a year off from education. In the middle of all that, my entire classroom was packed up, moved, and has been sitting in my garage:
There is so much more stress to the story, (including not getting to say goodbye to my coworkers or my students. :(  That's probably the saddest part!!  I cry when I think my students are going to wonder where I am!!) but I don't even want to talk about it or remember it.  I just want to put 2011 and this summer behind me and get on with the POSITIVE!!! GOOD NEWS, my transfer was approved.  I get to work for a principal that I respect!!  And, slowly, my classroom is coming together and I am moving in.  One day at a time...didn't I just do this last year?!? LOL!

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