Sunday, July 1, 2012

Saturday at the "old" farm

On Saturday, me, Big Bear, my brother and niece all went to Newport with a trailer to help Mom and Dad and try to get some stuff moved.  So, all us girls worked inside loading up boxes and the boys all worked outside in the HEAT loading up trailers with stuff from the barns.  We got 3 trailers loaded and taken to the new farm in Beebe and 3 rooms packed up.  A couple more weekends of that and it will be time to list the old place on the market and get serious!! :)  
After packing up the majority of her horse stuff inside, we noticed Autumn (my ever-growing and beautiful niece) was MIA.  And, wouldn't you know it?  Even in 100 degree weather, where we found her!!!  Poor Chester!!!

Ready to drop off in Beebe!!  Best part of the ride home was taking the back highways from Newport to Beebe.  Love old farm highways.  No stress.  Only peace!
**Only 9 days of summer school! :)

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