Sunday, July 29, 2012

This is for the BFF! :)

 Ok, Michelle, I am going to talk you through the picks before anyone else snatches theirs up.  Below with Autumn is the fawn female (sweet, sweet, sweet disposition!!), the solid white female (one of the smallest ones), and the white male with the brown spot (one of the biggest ones).
In the crew above, the white with the brown/black eye female (super sweet and most personality), and the brindle female in the middle (most dominant personality in the litter).
Autumn's pick is the white with brown spot on the bum, but I think he is going to be a big boy.  You need a girl - they usually stay smaller.  And, you need to nix the strong personality.  You need laid back.
 I can narrow it down to three for you - the solid white female (I think beside brown dot above), the fawn female below or the white with brown eye.  Honestly, any of those would work with your family.  Let JACOB pick which one he thinks is cutest!!!  :)
Now, show CHRIS this post.  I promise to walk you through puppy training.  It is as easy as one word - CRATE!  Trust me on this! :)

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