Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is it Friday yet?

Looking forward to a 3 day weekend!!  My cousin is hosting scrap night tomorrow night so I get to just show up!!  Woohoo!!  No cleaning up before and after, no hauling tables in and out, and getting to leave and go to bed when I get tired.  Yes please! :)
No big plans for the weekend, except grading papers, watching the Razorbacks play, and hopefully if the weather holds Rex will get his picture made by Brittney Turner for his prize he won a few weeks ago in the big contest!!
And, of course, the training of Bubba Bear will continue.  No matter what chore you have, he is right in the middle of it and happy to help!! Ha!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fetch it Up x 3!!

Backyard FUN!  Stella style! :)
An added component to her fetch it up game is "keep away from Bubba". HA!
All 3 after it, but Stella clearly is the winner.  See the dark brown spot in the middle?  Run Bubba!

Hot on the trail!!!! :)

And these are our nights...good times at the Benson house!  All you need is a tennis racket for a dollar at flea market and free tennis balls that Big Bear finds at the golf course!  Whoop!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Curve balls

Those of you that know us won't be surprised that another curve ball came our way this weekend.  'Tis the story of our life.  However, THIS time, I will handle it the right way.  I am handing it over to God and letting Him have the worry.  I won't go into detail because that is the most important detail. :)  Besides, I had no idea so many people had an opinion on the simplest things in my life like where I work or how many dogs I have, but apparently they do!  I should feel really important! ha!  I mean seriously, to all the Negative Nelly's out there, when you get told that you can't have kids and decide to get a puppy instead.  I won't judge you.  I'll understand.  And, I'll laugh a little because you may just discover through the whole puppy process that your fate isn't so bad after all, because the puppy is showing you that you couldn't handle a baby anyway! :) 
This little guy can be infuriating, but he has brought us many laughs and has us all spending more time as a family playing rather than sitting in front of our computers all night! :)  
Matthew 6:34  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updates from a busy week!!

Busy, Busy week!!  Between first week of school and puppy training.  I am one tired momma!!!!  Rex is exhausted too, because when I can't watch the little devil, Rex is on duty! ha!
Progress this week - as seen in the blurry picture above, we now have play sessions where all 3 fur kids are involved.  Stella has reluctantly accepted the fact that he must not be leaving, so she will tolerate playing him a few times a day. :)
He is growing FAST!  I tried to capture that in the picture below!!  And, he started "doggie daycare" two days a week this week!! That's right!  On Kevin's long days at the golf course, Bubba goes to care!  Haha!
Other progress or praise is that I am LOVING my new job!!  Mark that off the worry list!  Whew!  :)
On the frustrating side, Bubba Bear is proving to NOT be as easy as our other two.  We are struggling with consistency on the potty training AND the kennel training!!!!!  Two biggies in my book!  Our other two LOVED their kennel.  He HATES it!  Refuses to go in with treats or even if Rex is in there. :(  Sooooo frustrating!  Oh, and we aren't sleeping through the night.  I think he has slept through the night 3 times since we've had him.  One time because we just never put him in the kennel and left him in the bed with us and twice because Rex jumped in the kennel with and slept.  Oh SURE!  And, we are all up and playing by 5 am - sometimes earlier!!  Did I mention exhaustion?
 Yep, even Rex is dog tired! :)
You know all the furkids have multiple nicknames.  So far, Bubba is Bubba Bear, short britches, big foot and little devil!! LOL!
Praying for 8 hours of sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A few memories I need to preserve before I forget!!  These were taken the day I picked up Bubba Bear...only a little over a week ago!!  Seems like a long time ago!  Above is all us girls with our pups...see!! I come by it honestly!  It's a family thing! ha!  Mom with Leo, Me with Bubba Bear & my niece Autumn with Harley!!
Below is my most favorite "hound" dog at Mom's place, Duke.  He is actually a BoxAR rescue that she fostered and couldn't let go.  He's the biggest goof ball of a dog you will ever meet and thinks he is a lap dog.  Here he is wanting to follow me inside and kept jumping up to look inside the top of the screen door!  Cracked me up!
 It should also be recorded that you CAN take the country OUT of the girl because I went to turn the water on to give Bubba his bath and almost stepped on a snake!!!  I screamed bloody murder and these pictures show my Mom and Autumn (pure country girls) coming to the rescue.  Of course, AFTER they had recovered from fits of laughter!  jeez!

 My beautiful niece doing what she does best:
 And lastly, it makes me SICK what the farmer is doing to the land around my parents old place.  This was a ditch completely lined in trees and they have torn down all the trees and are ruining the whole landscape!!!!  It looks SO different!!!  Guess it's a good thing my parents are MOVING!!!!  yay!!  House with 10 acres for sale in Newport in about a month!!  Spread the word! :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ready for the first day!

I stood in each corner and took a picture.  Above is what you see when you are at my teacher/small group area.  I got a brand new small group table and teacher chair!! Score! :)  (Some of the student's desks have supplies on them because a few went ahead and brought their supplies to the Meet and Greet Thursday night.)  Below is the view from the back corner:  You can see the doorway to the hall across the room.  So glad Big Bear did some painting for me and I don't have the red and neon yellow with the blue!!!
 Below is the view as you sit in the reading corner.
 Calendar math area:  (One of those buckets has socks to be erasers for the dry erase boards.  thank you pinterest!)
Below is the view as you walk in the door.  I'm as ready as I'm going to be for Monday.  So far, I have 20 students on my list.  Hope to see them all on Monday! :)
Pray for the students, teachers and parents on Monday!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Oh, how I wish Bubba Bear had been born a few weeks earlier!!  Bringing home a pup in the midst of getting ready for school to start on Monday has made for a busy, exhausting week!!!  But on the positive side, I have managed to combine two of my biggest loves - boxer puppies and the beginning of the school year! ha!  
Last night, I tried something new and the night went a little better.  Kevin, of course, never even woke up!!  I'm going to try it again tonight and if it works two nights in a row, we might be on our way to getting some sleep again around here!
I'm going to crash now.  I worked all day getting ready for our Back to School Bash tonight and am exhausted.  But it was worth it!!  I'm really excited about what this new school journey is going to bring.  I can't help but think there is a child that is going to cross my path that will need me.  God's plans unfolding keep life interesting! :)
Nighty Night!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brotherly Love

Our night's entertainment was provided by these two boxer brothers and I loved every minute of it!  You sure can't tell it's the week before school starts around here, because all I did tonight was play with the pups like I had nothing else to do!!! :)  And, in really good news, Bubba Bear slept through the night in his kennel!!! Woohoo!  Let's hope for a repeat tonight!!
Warning: some of the following pictures may be blurred due to the excessive playing!! Love! :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleepy Monday

First, we want to THANK everyone who voted in the photo contest!!  Rex and his rescue brother won week 2 with the photo above!!!  He will be in the finals the first week of September. Yay!!  We are happy just with this win because our prize was a pet photography session with Brittney Turner!!  Check her out at  She's awesome!
Today was also my last day of summer break. :(  And, we all spent it extremely tired from Bubba Bear keeping us up all night.  I think he's going to be our difficult child. ha!  Fortunately, I can pretty much go back to sleep after each "fit", however, Kevin already suffers from insomnia and it was really no fun for him!  Hopefully, tonight will be better!!
And, of course, the make-shift, short-term blocking of the pond until he gets a little bigger.  Pretty ugly, yet creative of me if I do say so myself!! (the cool razorback rock was one of my silent auction wins at the Boxers in the Park in June)
 And everyone got new toys for being good brothers and sisters, but Bubba Bear steals them all! :)

 Oh yeah, he's cute and we have fun playing.  It's all good until bedtime!!  He's figured out the doggie door, but hasn't made the connection to go OUT to pee yet.  So far, just a few pee accidents though.

 And, yes, Stella tolerates him but doesn't like him.  And, Nala got her first SLAP in today.  She's no fool!
I'm sure there will be many more pics over the days/weeks to come.  Our main goals right now is sleeping through the night and me being able to go back to work without being a zombie all day!! LOL!

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsoon


Sadly, another trilogy is over.  When I read a series back to back, I get so attached to the characters!!  I finished this one just in time to go back to work tomorrow. :(  I loved this trilogy, but it's probably not for everyone (especially the light reader).  I found this third book to be the slowest of the three.  It didn't get face paced to me until the very end.  The other two were suspense all the way for me.  I was also worried that since this author turned in these three transcripts and then passed away, that it might leave you hanging at the end and wanting more, but it did wrap up the storyline.  Now, what to read next????

Saturday, August 11, 2012


**For incredibly cute puppy pics, just skip on down to the post below.

This puppy has been a blessing in more ways than one.  The biggest is that I've had 7 weeks of driving time alone in car for an hour and half there and then again on the way home.  Drive time alone is when I find I talk to God the most.  It's my prayer, praise, and think time.  Here's what I have come to realize in the past few weeks: I've been very self-centered.  I've only been concerned about ME and MY problems/trials.  Looking back all throughout the infertility journey, I kept my eye on Jesus and held onto the hope.  Once I wasn't given what I wanted, I turned my back.  I gave up.   I let the devil win.  I listened to all the negative thoughts about why me?  Why can't I catch a break?  Why did I have to go through "this" or "that" in my life?  I looked at other peoples journeys and wondered how they had it so easy.  I tried to figure things out.  I needed an explanation for why this was happening and how God could say no after everything else we had been through.  I was consumed with all these thoughts.  CONSUMED!!  I let my work drama feed into the negative thoughts this summer.  This was just another thing to add to the list of how life wasn't fair to ME.  I even questioned prayer and why I should ask for what I wanted because it certainly seemed I never got it and it didn't matter. It was a pity party at it's best and it was all self-centered.  I praise Jesus for his mercy and grace and that all I have to do is ask for his forgiveness and STOP my actions and negative thoughts.  It is time to turn things around and start by thinking POSITIVE thoughts and living my life to the fullest again.  I honestly feel like I've lost over a year.  I let it steal my joy.  There are people who have endured trials much worse than mine and when I stop looking only at mine, I finally realized that.  I am incredibly blessed to have so many friends and family who have patiently prayed for me through this journey!!!  I want you to know that I have been on the upward climb for a few weeks now.  I'm standing again.  Your prayers are deeply appreciated.  In Christ alone, my hope is found.  :)

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. James 1:12
I have told you these things so that in me, you may have peace and confidence, in the world, you will have tribulation, trial, distress and frustration, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world. John 16:33
Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome home!! (Finally!!)

We've only just waited 6 weeks and 6 days...but who is counting?!? Ha!  I finally got to go pick up Bubba Bear today!!!  He's a little overwhelmed today with the traveling in a car, being inside, visitors (who we love!), two huge dogs sniffing him constantly, and no one his size to play with, but he's taking lots of naps.  Naps help everything! :)
I have always wanted two boxers because I love the way they play together and snuggle up.  My hope is that these two will develop into best friends. :)  Stella isn't feeling the love (which we knew she wouldn't), so you won't see her lovely face in very many pics.
 But when I gave everyone their own chew toy, everybody was happy.  For awhile!

 Oh my goodness!  Two boxers!!  Makes me smile BIG!!
Learning the steps...still working on it!

Seriously?  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  I'm cute too!
Disclaimer:  This blog is about to be overtaken by extremely cute puppy/dog pictures almost daily!!!!

Now, don't waste another minute, hop over to and cast a vote for Rex.  We really want to win!!  Voting ends on Sunday.