Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 (Tuesday) was mainly spent sorting books, labeling buckets, and organizing classroom library.  I am going to get a cute stool for them to step up to the second shelf.  It's still a work in progress...
I also had to go get computers from the 4th grade trailers and bring them inside to my new room.  (Remember this was a pre-k room)  I had only one computer, so Big Bear helped me bring in four more and hook them up.  Now, I just need an internet wire for them and we should be good to go.  Fingers crossed!
Day 3 also included trying to get the calendar math area at the front ready, but I've already redone that and am still working on it.  And, of course, the FUN of just plain organizing all supplies!!  I do love organizing and I've never had drawers before in a classroom so I am figuring out what to put there. :)  And after two years of a paper shortage, this school has more paper than it knows what to do with!!!
Day 4 and 5 really count as one day.  I was sick as a dog yesterday and worthless.  I think I hung fabric on two bulletin boards and sorted some levelized books AND most importantly unloaded the FINAL load from the Tahoe!!!  Today, Big Bear painted the wall beside the bathroom door by the sink because it was nasty!!!  We moved my furniture in and once again I played around with the reading area.  Still not sure how that area will turn out.  Not super happy with the arrangement yet.
I think I am going to use my laptop again with the smartboard so I moved another computer to the student area and finished organizing the cabinets.  Now, I am really, really hoping the cabinet doors are installed before school starts but if not, I have a back up cover plan. :)
I hauled in all the teacher materials from the trailers and organized my teacher stuff on my shelves. (Thanks Carey - your red shelf that is now blue has now served me well in THREE schools! ha!)
Now, I am taking a four day until next week, goodbye classroom!!

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