Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meeting Bubba Bear!

Yesterday, Rex and Stella got to meet their new little brother, Bubba Bear, for the first time.  He is 6 weeks old today, and he had absolutely no fear of the two "giants" that in all likelihood, he will outgrow! :)
There was a lot of sniffing and checking each other out for the first bit. 

Yes, Rex is drooling excessively!!!
Hey Sis!  What ya doing?  Wanna play?
Oh, the cuteness!! 
After a short while, our two realized 1. they were hot 2. they were in the country 3. they just wanted back in the AC.  It was ridiculous!!  These two city dogs were even too good to drink the water from the "country" water bowls.  Jeez!!  So, we got Mom's pup out to play and torture them too!
What is happening?
In the end, they all found a cool spot and Bubba Bear just kept digging a hole as close to his new brother and sister as he could.  I think they will be big buddies!!
He sure took right to Stella and I have a feeling her tail is going to get chewed on a lot over the next few weeks! ha!
Bubba Bear will join us in the city life and AC this coming Friday!! woohoo!!

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