Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleepy Monday

First, we want to THANK everyone who voted in the photo contest!!  Rex and his rescue brother won week 2 with the photo above!!!  He will be in the finals the first week of September. Yay!!  We are happy just with this win because our prize was a pet photography session with Brittney Turner!!  Check her out at  She's awesome!
Today was also my last day of summer break. :(  And, we all spent it extremely tired from Bubba Bear keeping us up all night.  I think he's going to be our difficult child. ha!  Fortunately, I can pretty much go back to sleep after each "fit", however, Kevin already suffers from insomnia and it was really no fun for him!  Hopefully, tonight will be better!!
And, of course, the make-shift, short-term blocking of the pond until he gets a little bigger.  Pretty ugly, yet creative of me if I do say so myself!! (the cool razorback rock was one of my silent auction wins at the Boxers in the Park in June)
 And everyone got new toys for being good brothers and sisters, but Bubba Bear steals them all! :)

 Oh yeah, he's cute and we have fun playing.  It's all good until bedtime!!  He's figured out the doggie door, but hasn't made the connection to go OUT to pee yet.  So far, just a few pee accidents though.

 And, yes, Stella tolerates him but doesn't like him.  And, Nala got her first SLAP in today.  She's no fool!
I'm sure there will be many more pics over the days/weeks to come.  Our main goals right now is sleeping through the night and me being able to go back to work without being a zombie all day!! LOL!

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