Tuesday, August 21, 2012


A few memories I need to preserve before I forget!!  These were taken the day I picked up Bubba Bear...only a little over a week ago!!  Seems like a long time ago!  Above is all us girls with our pups...see!! I come by it honestly!  It's a family thing! ha!  Mom with Leo, Me with Bubba Bear & my niece Autumn with Harley!!
Below is my most favorite "hound" dog at Mom's place, Duke.  He is actually a BoxAR rescue that she fostered and couldn't let go.  He's the biggest goof ball of a dog you will ever meet and thinks he is a lap dog.  Here he is wanting to follow me inside and kept jumping up to look inside the top of the screen door!  Cracked me up!
 It should also be recorded that you CAN take the country OUT of the girl because I went to turn the water on to give Bubba his bath and almost stepped on a snake!!!  I screamed bloody murder and these pictures show my Mom and Autumn (pure country girls) coming to the rescue.  Of course, AFTER they had recovered from fits of laughter!  jeez!

 My beautiful niece doing what she does best:
 And lastly, it makes me SICK what the farmer is doing to the land around my parents old place.  This was a ditch completely lined in trees and they have torn down all the trees and are ruining the whole landscape!!!!  It looks SO different!!!  Guess it's a good thing my parents are MOVING!!!!  yay!!  House with 10 acres for sale in Newport in about a month!!  Spread the word! :)

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