Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updates from a busy week!!

Busy, Busy week!!  Between first week of school and puppy training.  I am one tired momma!!!!  Rex is exhausted too, because when I can't watch the little devil, Rex is on duty! ha!
Progress this week - as seen in the blurry picture above, we now have play sessions where all 3 fur kids are involved.  Stella has reluctantly accepted the fact that he must not be leaving, so she will tolerate playing him a few times a day. :)
He is growing FAST!  I tried to capture that in the picture below!!  And, he started "doggie daycare" two days a week this week!! That's right!  On Kevin's long days at the golf course, Bubba goes to care!  Haha!
Other progress or praise is that I am LOVING my new job!!  Mark that off the worry list!  Whew!  :)
On the frustrating side, Bubba Bear is proving to NOT be as easy as our other two.  We are struggling with consistency on the potty training AND the kennel training!!!!!  Two biggies in my book!  Our other two LOVED their kennel.  He HATES it!  Refuses to go in with treats or even if Rex is in there. :(  Sooooo frustrating!  Oh, and we aren't sleeping through the night.  I think he has slept through the night 3 times since we've had him.  One time because we just never put him in the kennel and left him in the bed with us and twice because Rex jumped in the kennel with and slept.  Oh SURE!  And, we are all up and playing by 5 am - sometimes earlier!!  Did I mention exhaustion?
 Yep, even Rex is dog tired! :)
You know all the furkids have multiple nicknames.  So far, Bubba is Bubba Bear, short britches, big foot and little devil!! LOL!
Praying for 8 hours of sleep tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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