Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome home!! (Finally!!)

We've only just waited 6 weeks and 6 days...but who is counting?!? Ha!  I finally got to go pick up Bubba Bear today!!!  He's a little overwhelmed today with the traveling in a car, being inside, visitors (who we love!), two huge dogs sniffing him constantly, and no one his size to play with, but he's taking lots of naps.  Naps help everything! :)
I have always wanted two boxers because I love the way they play together and snuggle up.  My hope is that these two will develop into best friends. :)  Stella isn't feeling the love (which we knew she wouldn't), so you won't see her lovely face in very many pics.
 But when I gave everyone their own chew toy, everybody was happy.  For awhile!

 Oh my goodness!  Two boxers!!  Makes me smile BIG!!
Learning the steps...still working on it!

Seriously?  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  I'm cute too!
Disclaimer:  This blog is about to be overtaken by extremely cute puppy/dog pictures almost daily!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Bubba Bear's paws are HUGE! He's going to be a big boy!