Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Afternoon in Pictures

Above was taken August 10th!!! The day Bubba Bear came home to us.  Below is just a month later on September 11th.  Hello!?!  Grow much??? 

Have you noticed the size of my feet???  And how about my ears???  It's going to be a big head to grow into those ears!!!  Oh wowzer!
Even Nala joined us today.  She has given up on Bubba Bear leaving and has decided to come out from the back of the house!! ha!
I have a glider under a tree along the fence row and that's where we "chill" and I hit Stella's tennis balls from.  She's in the background here "hunting one up".  Bubba is deciding who to go pester next!!!
And, look carefully on the deck...see who is checking to see what the dogs are up to and thinking about coming out...she's coming around to having 3 dogs in the house!!!  Maybe....
 And, progress!!  Love my Nala girl, so I am very happy that she is coming around again.  I was worried the stress of #3 might put her over the edge.  She's an old girl, but she's still beautiful!!
Praising Jesus for beautiful weather and peaceful afternoons!  Love my backyard and my furkids!!!

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Vader's Mom said...

Oh my goodness I forgot how quickly they grow!! And the daily pictures don't really capture it like a look and compare photo does. Glad the fur kids are getting along!!