Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to the Doggies! :)

Things are settling down a bit with Bubba Bear.  I made the mistake of trying to sleep until 5:30 am and getting back on a regular schedule and that caused a few accidents.  But now that I am getting up at 5 am again, all is well on the potty training front. :)  The good news is that I get a few house chores done in the morning now and get to work really early when it's good and quiet!! 
He has had two weeks of obedience school and is a star pupil like his sister!!  He can already do "sit", "down" and "come".  I think that's impressive for a 13 week old!!  He also sits for his food and the prayer with his big brother and sister before he eats!!! :)  
There are lots of wrestling matches happening around here and when Rex and Stella get tired of it, they jump up on the bed for a rest.  It won't be long before he can jump up there too! ha
 I love having two boxers!!! LOVE it!!  I am pretty sure Rex does too!
 Stella's crazed "where's the ball?" look:
 And, in case you missed it on facebook....the sneak peek from Rex's contest winning photo shoot!!!  He is so handsome!! Can't wait to see the rest!!

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