Monday, September 17, 2012

Back where it all started...

Saturday I got to go home (to Mom & Dad's) and help take care of the farm animals.  Each time I go home now, it reminds me that it is one of my last trips home.  I am ready for my parents to be moved to the new farm in Beebe, but it is sad to say goodbye to the place I grew up.  
Well, Saturday, we took all OUR dogs with us, and Autumn's pup was staying at Mom's because she was at the horse show with my parents, sooooo Bubba got to spend time with two of his brothers and see his momma and daddy!
Brotherly love - Bubba, Leo and Harley
Bubba's daddy - Rufus
Momma (aka Carly) and myself looking on while Bubba gets a much need butt whoopin'!  He had been a devil to Harley earlier, so he totally deserved it!!

 And a little momma whoopin...putting him in his place!
I just can't get over how big they are!!!  CrAzY!!  And, I'm still in love with Leo, Mom's dog. :)  Before we left, I took our crew on a run free through the fields walk.  Every dog needs a good free run!!  Rex is a notorious "bolter", but he came back every time I called him.  yay!  See the blurr of Bubba Bear trying to keep up with him?  My sweet Stella would stop and check to see where I was.

Even a day in the country didn't help deal with the Razorback loss on Saturday though. :(

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