Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy days ahead...

Updates sprinkled in cuteness!! ha!  Think he knows he's cute and works it?  Oh yeah!
*We'll be hopping this weekend with 3 caterings in 2 days.  Yippee!!  Might we get caught up? :)
*I have new back brakes.  Had to bust out the credit card.  Can't keep putting off things like brakes.  Although, I think I did as long as I could! Dad would NOT be proud!!
*Bubba had his last set of shots this week and at 13 weeks is weighing in at a whopping 24 lbs.!!  Oh dear!
 *Looking forward to my Uncle's reception this weekend.  I thought their idea was genius.  They are doing dinner and socializing, then you go into a play, and then party afterwards.  We are skipping the "wild" time after, but there is a little something for everyone I thought.  Should be fun and I know the food will be good! :)
*Prayers for Nala tomorrow.  She goes back to the vet tomorrow for a glucose re-check.  She hasn't had a good week.  Some weeks are normal and some she barely comes out of the closet.  Her kidney levels looked better at the last visit so that was promising.  She turns 16 in a few short weeks!!  Love my fluffy girl!
*That's it.  Pets. Caterings. Grading Papers. Money or lack thereof. ha! That sums up our week!

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