Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dog School is in Session!!

Bubba Bear started obedience school last night and that means practice every night.  So, everybody gets to freshen up on their obedience (aka maybe Rex will catch on this time around!!!).  Bubba sat EVERY time tonight!!  And, Stella is a lab who aims to please, so she naturally follows any and all commands.  Rex, well, Rex is special.  I put a short video at the bottom so you could truly appreciate the difference in our pups. ha!  After a long day at work, you would think I would be done with school, but time with the pups = relaxing end to the day.  The ice cream I stopped and picked up on the way home may have helped too! :)

1 comment:

Vader's Mom said...

Rex is like "well, you asked twice. you must mean it. so I'll think about coming - but not straight away. I must roam while I come!"

Love it!!