Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pinterest Project!!!

 I have wanted to make these cute seats for my reading center since I saw them on Pinterest last spring.  My goal was to do it this summer, and then well, summer was CrAzY!!  So, next goal was by Labor Day.  I was only one day past my goal!  (and only because I had the wrong staples for my staple gun!)  Mission accomplished and here is all you need: (caution the cost does start adding up!!)
Crates from Wal-Mart - I got two colors to rotate.
I used beach towels from Target to cover the seats instead of fabric. (matches my beach theme in my classroom)
Foam from Hobby Lobby - I hit the 30% off sale. I did have to trim an edge off and then use it to fill in on another side, so you might want to get the roll of foam.
I bought a new staple gun for my "craft" supply.  You need a staple gun for stapling fabric/towels to the boards.  Scissors to cut fabric/towels and an exacto knife to cut the foam.
One saw, measuring tape and chalk line to cut your boards (or for a small fee, have Home Depot do it).  I wanted to use my "new to me" saw from my dad!! :)
Measure the inside of the crate where the board will sit and mark your places and cut!  Power tools are FUN!
Getting closer!!  The boards will sit on top to give you storage underneath.
Cover the boards with the foam, then staple down fabric/towel over that and presto!  You have cute new seats for your reading station!!  Whoever thought of this was GENIUS!!

 I worked on two other projects this weekend too!!  But they aren't nearly as cute as this one!!!

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