Thursday, September 13, 2012


We think Bubba Bear is about 90% potty trained.  The BIGGEST progress is he got up in the middle of the night and went out by himself!!! Woohoo!!!  He was out the doggie door before I got to the end of the hallway!  Yay!  He's pretty much sleeping through the night - usually up around 3 am and then right back to bed and is sleeping with his big brother and sister!!!  So, we are mucho happier around here!!  He still pretty much hates the crate but is improving.  They love him at doggie care and does better there than at home (figures!).  And....we are calling about starting a puppy obedience class with him!!  FUN!!!!  

The doggie line-up at bedtime! Before it's all over, Rex is in the same bed with Bubba because they both want the softest bed.  You know that means I'll be buying another one soon! ha
Looking forward to the weekend!!!  Boxer puppy reunion on Saturday!! oh yeah!! I know you can't WAIT for the photos!! LOL!

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