Sunday, September 9, 2012

Projects & Pinterest!

Along with my awesome benches (that the kids loved just as much as me!!), I got several other projects done last weekend as well!!  Most from pinterest, but this one was a combo of a sale at Lowe's and a necessity.  I remember all too well the wreck the other two pups caused on my pond when they were younger and still had the ugly electric fence wires up keeping them out.  However, those wires that were no longer attached to power, were no match for Bubba Bear. Lowe's these panels were on sale for $3.99 a panel and I grabbed 3!!  For $12, I have a little fence that I can step over but that will keep the dogs out of the pond.  And, it's green so when my day lillies are big, you won't even notice it!!!  
BUT, right now, there is a space that Bubba can still fit through, so I had to "rig" it up until he's a little bigger!! Of course, he wanted to help!!!

I won't tell you how many times he ran off with the string with me laughing/yelling/chasing him to get it back.  I tell you, his little face just melts me! No matter how bad he is! haha!
Now, a THANK YOU to Pinterest for little things like socks for dry erase board erasers in the classroom!  Hello genius!!!  No more wasting paper towels and tissue!! 
 And, of course, ideas like little benches for the reading table!!  So much cuter than 6 big ugly chairs!!
 And, for cute ideas like this to spruce up a reading center:
And, lastly, for all the homemade coaster ideas.  Although, the coaster using napkins, I am not in love with, BUT, I did get a new idea from it!!  I just need some craft time!! :)

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