Thursday, October 11, 2012

God has a sense of humor

How do I know?  Because He put me with my type A personality and matched me up with my husband who is type Z personality.  That is how far apart we are most of the time!!  So, tonight, I post two reason why I love my husband.  I post this to try and forget my irritation at having to go back up to the restaurant where we ate tonight to look for his iphone that he left on the table.  (he found it still on the table)  He suffers from "head up your #@* syndrome".  I'm sure you've heard of it...but I digress.  
Why do I love my fun-loving, joking, life of the party, belly laughing, irresponsible husband?  Because he takes time out of his day to come to my classroom and help me teach my kids how to make play doh.  He really taught them how to measure and everything.  And, of course, his play doh turned out better than mine!! ha!

I love him because he didn't even flinch when I put my hopes in a puppy after our baby disappointment. (which meant having 3 bigs dogs in a little house) Actually, I think Bubba Bear has been healing his heart too.  My husband can drive me insane, but he is the most kind-hearted and loveable people I know.  It's a good thing too.... :)

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