Friday, October 19, 2012

It's GOOD to have GOALS

First, let's just appreciate the absolute beauty of Bubba Bear!!  I mean, he oozes cuteness!! Especially when he's sleeping or winding down to a sleep! ha!
Then, we'll talk about how his brother, Rex (the famous one in the know, the winner of the photo contest who also has his own billboard on I30)...well, he's overweight.  We've all noticed it for awhile and with his "laziness" as well, we had him checked out at the vet today.  And, turns out, he's just fat!  So, exercise and food reduction it is!
This is where GOALS come into play.  Now, the whole family is a bit overweight (no comments needed), so we decided while we were at a local park last Sunday to set a REALISTIC GOAL of coming for a walk there twice a week.  I mean, let's face it, we are basically all lazy (except Stella & Bubba).  So, hopefully this little walk will help us all.  It can't hurt.  It's more than we were doing, and as a bonus, we get to practice obedience while we walk!  Whoop!
After the walk that wore the other two out, they were crashed in the back of the dog mobile, but Bubba Bear kept his eye on where his daddy was when he went in the store!  This is where it needs to be noted that Poppa Bear is just as crazy about our new addition as I am.  I think I have definitely converted him into a boxer lover!! :)
I mean, who wouldn't be a sucker for a face like that? :)

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