Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan

I totally picked this book at random at Barnes & Noble by the cover alone.  I bought 4 books that day with a gift card and this one has sat on the shelf just waiting its turn to be read.  I haven't read a book since school school, new job, new puppy...who had time to read!?!  So, once the first set of report cards were done and conference forms ready to roll, it was time to get back to reading for enjoyment.  This book was calling my name.  It started out slow for me, but picked up pace.  Not a GREAT book that I would call up a friend and tell they must read it, but it was a good story.  I admit I got more wrapped up in what was going to happen to the dog than anything else! ha!

A brief summary from the back of the book:
Rocky's husband Bob was just forty-two when she discovered him lying cold and lifeless on the bathroom floor....and Rocky's world changed forever.  Quitting her job, chopping off her hair, she leaves Massachusetts - reinventing her past and taking a job as an Animal Control Warden on Peak's Island, a tiny speck off the coast of Maine and a million miles away from everything she's lost.  She leaves her career as psychologist behind, only to find friendship with a woman whose brain misfires in the most wonderful way and a young girl who is trying to disappear.  Rocky, a quirky and fallible character, discovers the healing process to be agonizingly slow.
But then she meets Lloyd.
A large black Labrador Retriever, Lloyd enters Rocky's world with a primitive arrow sticking out of his shoulder.  And so begins a remarkable friendship between a wounded woman and a wounded, lovable beast.

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