Sunday, November 25, 2012

5 days off = happy, happy, happy!

What to do with 5 days off?  First off, I brought zero work home to ensure I took 5 days off, because I needed it! :)  I managed to read two books (see post below) and I got some chores done.  A few yard chores since the weather was gorgeous!  As you can see from above, Bubba Bear's barricades have been removed and he immediately wanted in the pond!  But, too big!  heehee!  I win!
We also had a lot of play time in the yard.  The backyard is one of my favorite places to be. And, we never would have thought it based on her personality, but Stella has turned out to be the best big sister and her and Bubba Bear are constant side kicks!  He grabs her where ever he can when she is fetching her ball and she just lets him. 
 We considered Stella most when trying to select our new family member, but we thought Rex would be the one that would be big buddies with him/her.  He plays in spurts, but mainly he leaves that to Stella and saves his Bubba time for napping. ha!
 I also started on the leaves out front.  I got them into 3 huge piles and bagged 3 bags before I realized the job was too big for me alone to tackle and Kevin was busy cooking turkeys, so I let it sit for two days waiting for help.  Then, on Friday, I hear screams and giggles and wrestling in the front yard.  I look out to see this (below).  I got the giggles watching them play and body slam each other into the big piles.  There is a child buried under there that you can't even see!!  I took this from the window.  They didn't even know I was watching!!  And, the best part is we convinced them to bag the leaves for $2 a bag!  I didn't even have to finish the job! ha!
In other big news, you HAVE to watch the 15 second video below to appreciate this one!!  We literally have had to warm up the tv for about a year now. It would flash like in the video for recently up to 2 hours.  It was time for a new tv.  I honestly can't believe we let it go so long except that I don't watch much tv, and Kevin got to where he just left it on 24 hours so it wouldn't have to warm up.  We'd just mute it at night! ha!  Seriously, watch!
So we filled up the entertainment to the Big Bear can watch football in style with his new 47 inch tv!  And he thought he couldn't have a big screen and me be able to keep my entertainment center!  We pulled it off with barely an inch to spare.  It was a good black Friday for the Benson's!
More tomorrow....

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