Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In a nutshell...

What's happening around here?
*We had record sales in the month of September followed by a record low in October.  So goes the story of owning your own business.  Basically, here at the holidays, it will take a really, really good month to recover or we will spend the next few months recovering.  Good times!  But as my BFF pointed out this weekend, we can be grumpy about it everyday or we can just not think about it.  Being grumpy about it doesn't suddenly produce money, so I am going to TRY to follow in the BFF's footsteps and just let it go.  God always provides what we need and takes care of us. :)
*(This may be TMI - especially if you aren't female!!)  But, I think I finally got somewhere with my doctor and they have called me in a different birth control.  The hormones out of whack, severe mood swings, depression and migraines are all side effects of the pill they put me on.  Of course, I have to wait two weeks to start the new ones, but hopefully, they will be better and I will feel like a normal human being again sometime soon.  Who knew that the journey of trying to have kids could throw so many things off balance and for so long???  I'm just ready for normal...whatever that is!  I feel like I've lost myself a little in all this and need to figure out what the new "normal" even is!
*The two above are pretty much our life for the past month and even more.  That and puppy dog wiggles and adjusting to a new school/job. 
*Bubba Bear is getting HUGE and starts a new obedience school on Thursday night for the next 8 weeks.  FUN!
*Big Bear is gearing up to cook turkeys!!  Hopefully lots of them!!
*We do ask for prayers as we both seek guidance in what our path should be...

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