Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Bubba Bear!

It's that time again...growth chart time!  Above is right now...he will be 20 weeks old on Saturday.  Growing like a weed!!  Look at that face!!
Below is just one month ago! (October)
 And a month before that: (September)
 And August when we brought him home!!  Oh MY the CuTeNeSs!!!!
Tonight we started a new obedience school because the one we were going to was outside and it is getting cold and dark too early.  So, we are back at the school where Rex and Stella went (inside and half the cost).  But, with a different instructor.  I didn't have a good first impression.  I'm going to have Kevin go thru the next class next week with him and get his opinion.  (He had a catering tonight. yay!)  Hoping I was just having a hormonal night and I will end up liking the trainer.  Stay tuned....LOL!

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Anonymous said...

Bubba really is so stinkin' cute!