Sunday, November 25, 2012

James Patterson

#28 & #29

I finished two of James Patterson's books over the Thanksgiving break.  The only series of his that I am continuing to read.  I read The 11th Hour in the Women's Murder Club series and Merry Christmas Alex Cross in the Alex Cross series.  Here are my thoughts...take them for what they are worth.  I have always been a huge James Patterson fan.  However, he pushes out so many books a year that I can't keep up in reading them.  So, how is he writing them???  My husband says he is a book factory.  Once I narrowed the books down by him that I would continue to read and I branched out to more genre's and author's, I have found his books less exciting.  THEN, once I read these two back to back, the Alex Cross was written by him alone and it was predictable and average.  The Women's Murder Club was co-authored by someone and had much more depth to it and kept me engaged.  Hmmmm....just curious how the co-author thing works?  How much of it did he actually write?  In comparison, the co-authored one blew the Alex Cross one away.  Just my opinion.  Of course, if you are like me and have put years into reading these series, you can't stop now!  I did get the feeling that Alex Cross might be wrapping up in the near future.  He left that door wide open.  
Ok...I met my goal I set with my class of reading two books over the break.  Now, I want to read at least one more before the end of the year and reach my all time high of 30 books in one year!  Yippee!!!  I.heart.reading!

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