Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let the Holiday's begin!!

 This weekend was Kevin's family's Thanksgiving.  We are super blessed that our family traditions just happen to fall on different weekend's, so we don't have to argue or figure out which family to visit.  Kevin sure ends up doing a lot of cooking at both too! haha!  This year for his family gathering, we had brisket, pulled pork and smoked turkey.  Usually his family has a fish fry.  This was much easier!  Last year was like working a catering all day!  
Now, I don't have many pictures (3 to be exact) from this weekend!  This is family that we only see once a year, and not my family, so I'm not comfortable walking around snapping pictures.  But it would be nice to get some family photos of everyone one year.  Then, I could quiz myself on names before the next year! ha!
Kevin's mom has two stray cats she is feeding and loving and I may have "snuck" them an extra meal.  It is Thanksgiving after all!  Aren't they pretty?

This one reminds me of first cat I ever loved, Speedy.
Kevin before company arrived - trying to cook with both his sister and Mom telling him what to do.  It was funny to watch all the chiefs in the kitchen!! :)  (And, stay OUT! ha!)
 Of course, I had to give you a shot of the cutest puppy ever!  He was glad we were back home from our quick trip, but I think he loves our house sitter as much as the other two!

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