Sunday, November 4, 2012


We splurged and spent money we certainly don't have to take an overnight trip to Fayetteville and see a Hog game and get some fresh perspective and alone time together.  It was worth it!!  We got up early Saturday and left the furkids with our most awesome house sitter (our first time to leave Bubba Bear and he did good! yay Bubba!).  The game was at 11:15 am, so we went straight to the stadium.  A friend in our Sunday School class has these AWESOME seats AND a parking pass.  We practically parked at the stadium and then had seats on the 45 yard line behind the players only 6 rows up.  AMAZING experience!!  Kevin went last year and said you could hear Patrino yelling at the players and exactly what he was saying.  Needless to say, this year, there wasn't much coaching going on...but yay for the win!!!
I may have a crush on Tyler Wilson...maybe! ha!  I mean, our seats were so close, he was just right there all day! 

 Love us some Hogs!  The game was great!!  Even better that we won, but I love a game that is close.  My throat hurt from yelling and screaming so much.  I was even giving high-fives to strangers. ha!
 After the game, we went to one of Kevin's Kappa Sigma brother's restaurants in town for a snack and then hit the road sightseeing around Fayetteville and revisiting old college memories.  So, we had some new (Foghorn's Wings) and I can recommend it.  And, some kind of new, Catfish Hole...only the BEST hushpuppies EVER.  And, some old, with Jose's for lunch today with my BFF and her family.  I mean, we do love to eat!
 Sightseeing on Mt. Sequoyah in Fayetteville...looking over the city.
 Taking the scenic route home with the Pig Trail in fall...gorgeous views today.  Pictures can't possibly do it justice.
All in all, successful quality time with the Big Bear.  Now, we are refreshed and ready for the Holiday season.

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