Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful hearts...

Bubba Bear is grateful for his family, grass to roll in, and momma being home all day!
 Stella is grateful for tennis balls, a game of fetch, and her new brother!
 Rex is grateful for sunshine, dirt piles and naps!
Nala is grateful for her mommy and all things NOT boxer! ha!

Big Bear and I are grateful for all our friends and family who continue to support us!!  We were seriously contemplating closing the business, and Kevin trying to find work at something else.  But, we have both been praying about it for a few months and with the support of our church, family, and loyal customers, he is going to stay open, and we are going to give it one more year.  Next step is setting the concessions trailer somewhere and selling food daily.  THANK you to all those who have helped us try to make a dream of Kevin's come true!!  This economy doesn't make it an easy choice at times, but I think the sacrifices we make around here are worth it to be able to do what we both love to do.  That alone brings a peace to the day.  
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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