Monday, November 12, 2012


Finding something to be thankful for each day has really helped boost my mood!  Just makes me appreciate the little things that really are most important anyway.
I'm thankful that Big Bear has friends from high school that he still goes camping with twice a year.  (and that fell this past weekend! whoop!)  Score a weekend to myself!!  I'm thankful I was able to take the afternoon off on Thursday (meetings) and clean house.  I mean, SCRUB!!  My house hasn't been this clean in forever!!!  And, I got a whole weekend to enjoy it! It was awesome!!  Of course, I missed my Big Bear by Sunday afternoon.  :)  But, I do love piling all the furkids in the bed at night and sleeping.  Even Nala girl slept with us all! Bliss for me!  
I'm thankful for a reimbursement check that I've been waiting on coming in on Friday and allowing me to have a little fun and start Christmas shopping!!!  
I'm thankful that I have an opportunity to earn extra money after school by doing something I love - working with kids!!  I get to tutor my own students two days a week and earn some extra money.  That takes the stress off of Christmas AND I get to save for some new carpet this summer!  We won't talk about how badly we need new carpet.  Might as well wait until Bubba Bear is a year old is my answer anyway!!
I'm thankful for the smell of homemade chili that is coming from the kitchen...oh yum!  Food is calling...

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