Monday, December 31, 2012

Catching Up Part 2 - Christmas Day

Christmas morning, we like to wake up at home with the pups and Nala.  Everyone has a stocking and we have a little fun de-stuffing them.  This year, we seemed to have a little Grateful Dead happening.  hmmm...Turns out Pigpen (the Grateful Dead bear - blue one - that Kevin found at a flea market) delivered all the presents this year.  He was worried Santa wouldn't make it. LOL!  So, mine was on top of the fireplace when I woke up.  What you can't see is that in Stella's stocking, she has a Grateful Dead collar (she's named after a Dead song, Stella Blue).  And, Kevin has a Grateful Dead head cover for his golf clubs.  I thought he would love his Phish tshirt and Big Bang Theory DVD set the best, but he freaked over the Dead head cover.  You just never know! :)

Kevin always wins at finding the best treasures for my stocking.  He got me a super sweet pair of Toms.  The very ones I had almost bought a few weeks before when shopping with my mom, but decided to wait until after Christmas.  And, what do you know?  Santa has the same taste! :)  He always finds me a cool Christian tshirt for my stocking and this year it has the verse "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" on it.  Love!  I want to start wearing crazy, unpredictable socks because they make me laugh, so I got two pair of those.  And, a hog necklace for Razorback season that is going to ROCK this year with our new coach!!!  And...a Razorback ipad cover, a Beth Moore devotional, and a boxer ornament. Now, that I type this, I realize he got me a lot more than I got him.  Hmmmm.....I must have been better this year! haha!

 Christmas morning after stockings, we have a big breakfast and let the dogs play with their new toys for a bit, then it's time to hit the road again to Mom's house. 
 The pups all got new toys (Bubba wanted the one that anyone else was playing with), new collars and new dog beds.  They were good babies this year.  Nala girl got cat treats, because, well, she's a cat and all she does is sleep and eat. :)
 My mom obviously snuck back to a store when we had been shopping and got me the Razorback PJ's I wanted!!  SCORE!!  Plus, we all got Christmas money.  I love getting Christmas money and gift cards!!  Makes for a fun week the next week spending it!! :)
 This year we took Bubba Bear with us, so he wouldn't be in his kennel too long and so he could see his brothers that would be there.  Sadly, due to bad weather moving in, our trip to mom's was cut short, but we made it there and back safely.  
Brothers:  Autumn with Harley, Mom with Leo, and Me with Bubba Bear.  They had a big time (after Bubba decided he liked Harley after all). 
 Kevin asked me on the way back what my favorite part of the day was and I said "when we had ALL the dogs in".  When we ate and opened presents, we had Bubba, Mom's two little dogs and my Bubby's little dog in.  After presents, Bubba's brothers, Leo and Harley got to come in.  We had as many dogs as we did people.  It was wild and fun!  We even threw a tennis ball into the mix!!
 We watched the weather since we had a drive back and headed out earlier than we planned, but we got home just in time.  As we pulled into town, it started sleeting BIG TIME.  This was Bubba Bear's first snow and it was a whooper!  We had 11 inches of snow!!!  He kept running outside and eating it and running back in. He loved it!!
 About 10:30 on Christmas night, we lost power.  We were lucky though, we only went 24 hours without, some people are STILL without power and most went for 4 or 5 days.

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