Monday, December 3, 2012

Great Weekend!!

It was just one of those really good weekends.  No stress.  Nice weather!  Friday night was scrapbook night with my peeps...except we were all doing crafts, so maybe we need to rename it! :)  Saturday morning, Big Bear and I went to watch my students play basketball.  We were in no way prepared for how exciting an elementary school basketball game could be!  It was bittersweet for me because we were playing my old school which meant I had love for both sides.  But, my current kiddo's pulled off a win in the FINAL FOUR SECONDS!!  Big Bear could hardly talk the next day from all the yelling! ha!  We went and had a nice lunch after and then I decorated the house for Christmas...with shorts on and the windows up...crazy!
Sunday was a day for chores and proof we need to live in the country!!!! I got all the leaves burned.  I do love burning!!  Kevin knows to just leave me alone when I have a burn pile going!  And, Bubba Bear actually stayed out of the fire!!  Whew!  He did help me pull each bag of leaves from the side of the house to the pile though! ha

 I may have also finished up a project that involved a circular saw yesterday....but Santa can't reveal yet!! :)
Glad somebody got to NAP, because when I tried to take mine, all they wanted to do was wrestle. in the floor.  next to my bed. loudly.  URgh!

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Sandy said...

Bubba looks HUGE in that picture!