Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Santa came early!!!

 Santa came early and look what he brought!  A king size bed!!  Whoop!  I must have been good because I've been wanting one of these for a looonnng time, but Big Bear kept saying no.  I, however, need to sleep with more room than the edge of the bed.  Plus, now we have 3 dogs and we need more room for when it's family time!!! haha!  (Just to clarify the 3 beasts do not sleep in the bed all night, but they start out there until Big Bear comes to bed.)  We got the actual bed for a steal on Black Friday, but by the time you have to get a new mattress and box springs and sheets and bedding, it's not such a bargain.  And, of course, I threw in new nightstands, but I talked them down on those too!  I was on FIRE bargaining!!  Thanks Santa (aka after school tutoring money!)

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Laura said...

LOVE! Looks so great!