Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Report

It's another good one on the books! :)

Friday night was our Sunday School Christmas party.  Good food, Good fellowship, and Good laughs.  We played the "Not so Newlywed Game".  My husband volunteered us as one of the couples to participate.  There were questions like "What road sign best describes your wife?"  "Where is the most interesting place you've had whoopie?" "Your husband is the best _____ and the worst ______."  Then, we had a white elephant gift exchange.  Who said you can't have fun at church!?! LOL

Saturday I met my Mom in Searcy for some Christmas shopping.  I managed to get it all done with the exception of my classroom gifts for my kiddo's (any ideas???) and 3 awesome dog beds for a bargain!!  Other than that, I am done and need to get to wrapping!!!  

Today was church, buffet lunch, nap and grading papers.  It's all good! :)

Now, 10 more work days until CHRISTmas break!  whoop! Bubba Bear's monthy growth chart!! Oh yeah, you know you are waiting for it! ha

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