Thursday, January 3, 2013

Catch Up - Part 3 - White Christmas 2012

A friend asked us to check on his house b/c he was out of town.  We walked about 2 blocks in the blizzard and this is us as we got back to our driveway.  We couldn't even see for the snow pelting us in the face, but we sure had lots of giggles!

The snow started as soon as we got home on Christmas night, and it was a beautiful snow!  It came down in big flakes and fast!!  And, it just kept snowing!!!  It was the first white Christmas for this area since 1926!  And, what a White Christmas it was - 9 inches total!  Bubba Bear's first snow as a HIT for him!  He loved it.  It was fun to watch them run wild and play.  We didn't stay out too long that first day since we had no power to come in and warm up to!!!  Thank goodness ours was only out for 24 hours. Some weren't as lucky.

Above was the tree we called Narnia.  It hung so low that you could go under it in a tunnel.  It was pretty cool.  The tree actually ended up breaking in 3 places but it will bounce back in Spring and we had fun with it.

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