Friday, January 4, 2013

My latest craft projects

 I couldn't show you this one until after Christmas but this was the project I was working on that required a skill saw (when he discovered Bubba Bear had no fear of a saw and had to be put inside during it's use!!)  We won't talk about how many hot glue burns I suffered in the making of these, but now my Mom (and Autumn) have a stall marker for each of their horses.  And, those are horse shoes from their horses.  I think they turned out good.  It took quite a bit of time due the various steps and wait time in between.  I first spray painted the planks of wood (didn't cut them until after had the name on because I didn't know exactly how much room I need for each horse).  Then, I spent a scrapbook night with the girls hot gluing the names down.  Next, I hot glued the horseshoes down and then cut the end off the boards that needed it.  At which time, some of the horseshoes popped off and had to be redone.  Last step was screwing in the eyeholes (Kevin even helped with this part by using his bit and drill to get me a hole started), and then tying on the twine.  Finished.  Except for figuring out HOW to wrap them!

 On one of the snow days, I did another project that I saw on pinterest.  I have needed just a few things to finish up my craft room and this was one of them.  The supplies needed are pictured above - frame, twine, eyehooks, and small clothspins.  I found the frame for $1 at a yard sale.  Had the twine and eyehooks left over from the project above and bought the small clothspins for $3 at Target.  Bargain project!!
It only took about 10 minutes too!!  I turned the frame over and screwed in the eyehooks on the backside so they wouldn't be seen.
 Then, threaded the twine through and tied it to both ends.  I put a picture on the top row to space where to put the second row and repeated that for the third row.  Turned it over and hung pictures.
 And, now my wall above the cricut station is complete.  I finished up my craft room over the break too.  (Only took a year! ha!)

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