Monday, January 28, 2013

Scrap the Night Away

 Friday night was scrapbook night and everyone around here gets ready for company!!  I have the cutest door greeters EVER!!  And, yes, Bubba is already bigger than BOTH of the others!!!  And, he just keeps growing and getting cuter!
I have finally completed my craft/scrapbook room and am energized to get back into scrapbooking full swing!  I traded my big high-tech cricut for one of the older models that is easier to use (thank you Funny Girl!), so I would stop getting frustrated and now I am on a roll.  I got 9 pages done's a sample...I noticed my taste kind of stays the same throughout.  And, I rarely scrapbook a page with just one picture on it, but there was only one picture of me and my Bubby with our old tin lunch boxes mom found and that was a memory I had to get down for the books! :)
Happy Scrappin'!

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