Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Truckin' Along into 2013

 Each year for the Benson's brings new challenges and adventures just like they do for everyone else.  We rang in the new year by worrying over a "lump" we had found in my breast.  You can't help but let your mind go to places it shouldn't and play the "what if" game.  We immediately called to make me a doctor appointment, and they were speedy quick about getting me in.  I missed my first morning back to work to have my very first mammogram (I was SUPER nervous about that) and an ultrasound.  Long story short, it was a cyst.  (insert sigh of relief)  Now, other good news is that for all you local gals, I can't recommend Baptist Breast Center enough.  Everyone was SO nice and caring and just put you at ease.  Great, great, great place!!!  AND, for anyone who is nervous about a mammogram, don't believe the horror stories.  While, granted, it isn't fun.  It also isn't bad.  It's just a few seconds.  I had extra pictures taken because of the lump, and I still walked out thinking "that wasn't so bad".  And now I can cross off getting my 40 year old mammogram.  Yep, less than a month and I will be 40!!!  How does that happen?!?  :)  Soooo, I shared that to say, 1) Don't ignore any lumps or bumps.  Get them checked immediately.  2) Don't stress over a mammogram. You can do it!!  3) Know your family history.  4) I highly recommend Baptist Breast Center.

And, precious Bubba Bear started off the year with a snip-snip!!  A cone that he wore a little on the first night for entertainment value mostly...heehee! 
And, he had his first trip to Nonnie and Pop's.  We had a death in the family last week, and since Bubba had just had surgery the day before, we took him with us and left everyone else at home with a sitter.  He did pretty good for a 6 month old puppy!! :)

Now, we are ready to put all yucky business behind us and have a good rest of the month/year!!!!!

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