Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Actual Birthday...

 My birthday table! :)  (aka my loot!)  Fun!!!  I scored $75 in Barnes & Noble gift cards! Oh yeah!  
My actual 40th birthday was spent doing things I love to do. I love going to flea markets with Big Bear and love that he actually likes doing that too.  It's one of our favorite ways to "waste" a day.  Going junkin'.  Below is one of the fattest cats I have ever seen that is in one of the flea markets here locally.  He follows us through the flea market meowing to be loved on!!  Of course, I happily oblige.
 Besides flea markets, we HAD to stop at Barnes & Noble.  I had free money in books burning a hole in my wallet!!!  AND, I still have money left over!  I got 3 books off the "buy 2, get 1 free" table.  Whoop!
Then, we headed to lunch and more flea markets, and lastly, one of my new favorite finds - a great second hand bookstore called Books and Baubles.  Great thing about that is that I already had a store credit (you can trade in your used books) and I brought more books to trade in.  (I pick up books at yard sales and then use them for credit at the used book store IF they are priced right at the yard sale.)  Anyway...on my birthday, I scored all these books and spent $0!!  And, I still have credit at both Barnes & Noble AND Books & Baubles = happy girl!!! :)
 Bonus - did you know if it is your birthday at Delicious Temptations, you don't have to endure them singing to you.  Instead, they bring you a box full of this photographers photos and let you pick one!  They have his photography all over the restaurant, and he has some great outdoor photography of Arkansas.  So, just another bonus to a GREAT birthday week!

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