Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saying goodbye to the 30's!

My last day of my 30's was AWESOME!  I have some pretty awesome friends and family!!  And, I am blessed with an amazing husband!!  I started off the day by walking into my classroom and jumping back from the attack of balloons that awaited me at the door.  The girls I teach with really went above and beyond to send my 30's out in style.  (If you are asking yourself, why the day before my birthday?  Well, because I took a personal day for my birthday, of course!)
Then, I walk in to find 40 cupcakes and treats and presents!!  Needless to say, my kids loved my birthday too because they all got a cupcake! ha!  (and before lunch!  shhhh!!!)
I have to tell you one student said, "Are you really 40?  Wow. No offense, but you are the oldest teacher I've ever had!" ha!  When she heard me retell the story later, she said, "But I said no offense!"  LOL!

Then, at lunch they rescued me from the lounge with a lunch from P.F. Chang's!!!!  Oh yeah!!!  YUMMO!
And, then, not to be Big Bear threw together a surprise birthday party!!  I thought he had a catering at the church and we were going to clean up and pick up dishes and then go out to eat.  We walked into SURPRISE!  (I think, I was in a bit of a daze...They sang happy birthday, but I remember none of it.  I was just in a daze trying to figure out what was happening! ha!) 

These are all the pictures I have for now.  After all, I didn't know I needed to be picture ready.  I know my scrappin' friends will have more.  Kevin said he got the idea about a week before my birthday and put it all together.  I am amazed in such a short time how many people he had there.  He had my scrappin' group, my work buddies, my family (who drove hours! thank you!!), our Sunday School friends, and high school friends.  Whew!  It was a lot to take in!!  I felt like I was in a dream.  Seriously!
 Apparently, there was cake drama...the original cake was supposed to be in the shape of an open book.  Then, the girl couldn't do it.  Kevin's sister ordered another one.  They lost the order.  So, this is our free cake due to his sister having a fit and then Kevin's mom accidently stuck her finger in it! haha!  Pawprints, open book...both good ideas! :)
It was a great day!  I said good bye to the 30's and am ready for my 40's!!!  The best part of my 30's was marrying my Big Bear.  He lets me know he loves everyday.  THANK YOU BIG BEAR FOR A GREAT DAY!!! (Actually birthday week!!  He pampered me all week!! Tomorrow is back to reality! ha!)

**Hopefully, I will have more pics to share soon.  Hint! Hint!

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