Sunday, February 24, 2013

Tiger Pride!

 This weekend was filled with scrapbooking (yay) and basketball!!  And, mostly basketball!!  I have to get this "memory" down.  Kevin and I have absolutely LOVED getting to go watch my kids play basketball on Saturday's.  We tried our best to make our Upward basketball schedule around my school kids basketball schedule and were disappointed anytime we couldn't make a game.  They did NOT disappoint on excitement.  It was just FUN to watch.  There are two brothers on the team that just make it look easy.  This weekend, they made it to the championship tournament.  We were undefeated as well as one other school for the whole season.  So, on Friday, my kids made posters for the afternoon pep rally.  We decorated the cafeteria.  Introduced the players.  Cheered.  And, even had some high school cheerleaders make a special appearance to help the cheer the boys on!! I am pretty sure they felt pretty special! 
 Saturday was game day.  First game was at 1 o'clock.  Kevin and I had fun making sure the boys had lunch and snacks for the day.  And, they didn't disappoint with the game playing.  The first game about gave me a heart attack, but we pulled off a win. Next game was at 5 o'clock.  Another close one, but they pulled it off.  We made it to the championship game going against the only other undefeated team.  Our boys had 30 minutes to rest.  The other team had an hour and a half. :(  The other team was notorious for running up high scores and not playing nice.  In the end, Kevin had no voice from all the yelling and cheering. :)  And, we lost our first game of the season for the championship. The boys were tired.  You could see it, but they still played hard against some rough boys and blind refs. :)  It was GREAT entertainment and we are sad to see the season end.  My heart broke for the boys at the end.  I know someone has to lose, but think how hard it is for your only loss of the season to be for the championship.  Bless their hearts.  They are winners in my book!
As I was cheering for and helping take care of these boys yesterday, I was reminded numerous times of God's plan for our lives.  It was not an easy decision this summer to change schools.  I went back and forth a million times, but kept returning to my initial "feeling" that I felt God was moving me.  I can't explain it except to say that I know it was what I supposed to do, but it wasn't the easy thing to do.  And, don't we all love the easy road instead of the hard one? :)  I'm so glad I listened though and followed his path for me.  I am blessed daily and love these kids.

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