Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Ok, first let me say it has been a craptastic day.  Literally.  I am venting from the office as I air out the smell of diarrhea paw prints from the carpet behind me.  Did I mention craptastic?
It started with a text from our accountant who is currently working on our taxes.  I was thrown into a full blown panic because at the moment it looks like we may OWE.  Seriously?  Every year, we get a refund somewhere around $3000.  And, this year, we may owe?  How?  Good question.  Here's the joke.  BECAUSE THE BUSINESS MADE TOO MUCH MONEY!!!!  So......even though we are BROKE all the time.  Even though several months this year, we have had to scrape the bottom of the barrel (change barrel) to buy groceries.  Even though, I have taken on a tutoring job three days a week.  Even though, when emergencies pop up, we have no money to pay them.  Even with all that, WE MADE TOO MUCH MONEY!  What a freakin' joke!  I had actually decided this summer to not work summer school and now I may have to just to make up for this loss.  You may ask yourself why I am working to make up for the business making too much money.  I asked myself that same question.  I am beyond frustrated!!!  We do the best we can.  We really don't splurge.  We don't take vacations.  The last vacation we took was with his sister to Florida and we could only afford that because the room and travel was paid for.  Ridiculous!!!  We simply are trying to do what we love doing and to get out of debt and tithe like we are supposed to.  We try to do what is right and yet, we never catch a break.  I tell you what, I am about to give up, embrace debt and say forget it!  Everyone else lives in debt.  Why not!  URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, I am money frustrated because we can't get ahead no matter how hard we try.  Kevin had his best year business wise.  We both work two jobs and we still can't get ahead.  Sucks! 
Then, enter girl drama.  Enough said if you have a daughter or are a teacher of a girl 3rd through 8th grade.  Girl drama. Yuck. More ridiculousness!!
AND THEN, Kevin calls to say the day just got worse because when he got home, Bubba Bear had diarrhea in his kennel.  And, Kevin threw up trying to clean it up.  Seriously?  Well, you know he couldn't get from the kennel to the backdoor without getting it on the floor.  So, we have a diarrhea soaked dog, kennel, and carpet.  What an end to a craptastic day.  After working a 9 hour day and with more work in my bag, I get to clean the carpet, bathe the dog, AND look for more expenses to try and salvage the tax situation.  Good times!  I am sending my 30's out with a bang.  Craptastic!

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Vader's Mom said...

Hugs & Prayers!!! I hope Bubba Bear is feeling better now :)