Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Break is winding down

I will say it again, this may not have been my most productive Spring Break, but it has been the most RESTFUL!  And, I did get a few things done. Like tearing out 5 huge bushes all by myself!  Whoop!!  I have all my backyard flowerbeds ready for planting and mulch when the stupid weather starts acting like Spring!!  I got as much done as I could on Wednesday while I had nice weather.  By Thursday night it was sleeting.  CrAzY Arkansas weather!
 So, after tearing out three bushes Wednesday, having a burn pile, AND dredging the pond and getting it ready for Spring, I could barely move on Thursday.  It was the price to pay.  Had to get it done while I had the weather on my side.  Now...what to plant behind the pond????
 We managed to get a little fetch in for Stella Girl but it just isn't the same with Bubba Bear interfering.  Poor Stella! 
 What?  Who can resist that big 'ole grin! :-)
 Once the weather turned cold, we've been stuck inside relaxing, reading and, I'm not complaining!!  I have crossed some things off the "to do" list and managed to relax and read.  A win, win!
 But I sure wish I had one more week!!  Let the count down for summer begin! :)

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